Our THX Homecinema - Complete THX 5.1/DD/DTS System
(Full 7.1 setup, and use an 6.1 add-on to decode the EX/ES channel)
(Last updated 2005)

This system have all certifications, included full THX Ultra:
Marantz DV-12S1 THX Ultra (DVD-Video/DVD-Audio player)
Marantz DV-12S1 THX Ultra (DVD-Video/DVD-Audio player)
Marantz AV9000 THX Ultra (Digital THX/DTS/DD AVpreamp/tuner),
(Uses the SMART Devices' CS-3X Jr 6.1 add-on for the EX/ES Channel),
Marantz MA6100 THX Ultra (Mono amplifiers X 3 for front )
Marantz MA700 THX Ultra (Mono amplifiers X 2 for sub woofers)
Marantz MA500 THX Ultra (Mono amplifiers X 4 for dipole surrounds)
Boston 555X THX Ultra (Front speaker X 3)
Boston 595X THX Ultra (Sub woofer X 2)
Boston VRS Pro THX Ultra (Dipole surround speaker X 4)
Monster Cable THX certified cables

Panasonic PT-AE500, True High Definition 16:9 LCD Projector
(1280x720 pixels x 3 panels, total of 2,764,800 pixels)
Screen, 110" 16:9 screen on frame
Marantz RC5000 touch screen LCD remote
Other: Powerful PC/HTPC with many features, like High Definition etc

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