Davis Projectors
Davis do not exist annymore, but here you have them all.
Davis made grat projectors, even today some of them give good picture
(Davis projectors where also sold as OEM under other names).

Picture of Davis homepage, witch was at www.davis.no when it was up

Archived products:

Davis Cinema@Home:
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Davis CinemaTen / CinemaTen Pro, DLP
Davis CinemaOne / MKII / CinemaOne Pro, DLP
Davis CineMagic, DLP
Davis CineVision, DLP

Davis Cinema@Work:
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Davis DL X10 MultiMedia,DLP
Davis DL S8 MultiMedia,DLP
Davis DP X16,DLP
Davis DL X650,DLP
Davis DL 450,DLP

Very old produkts, outdated, heavy 10-20 kg
Davis Powerbeam VI (SVGA), DLP
Davis Powerbeam V (SVGA), Firsts DAVIS DLP
Davis Powerbeam IV (VGA), Firsts DAVIS DLP
Davis Powerbeam III (SVGA), LCD
Davis Powerbeam II (VGA), LCD
Davis Powerbeam I (VGA), LCD

Last firmware version is L on most Davis included OEM versions

Davis Accessories

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