6.1 Add-Ons
There exists several 6.1 add-ons for your existing 5.1 system,
here you have all we have heard of:

- McIntosh MSE1 6.1 Surround Expander
- Parasound CSE 6.1
- SMART Devices' CS-3X Jr
- ADA 6.1 (Audio Design Associates)

Click on the pictures below for their official page,
or the links under the pictures.

McIntosh MSE1 6.1 Surround Expander
Mcintosh Labs - Product info
Mcintosh Labs
Retail price: $999 ??

Parasound CSE 6.1
Parasound - Product info
Retail price: $399

SMART Devices' CS-3X Jr
SMART Devices - Product info
SMART Devices
Retail price: $299

ADA 6.1 (Audio Design Associates)
ADA - Product info
ADA, Audio Design Associates
Retail price: $399

These are no longer in production, and may only be avalible
second-hand, e.g. eBay. If you know of a 6.1 add-on for
home use that is not here, e-mail us with info and picture.

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