History Of Legendary Laserdisc Players (Discounted Products)
Ultimate LaserDisc Players

Runco LJRII Only THX Certified LaserDisc player Ever

THX Certified, only THX certified LaserDisc player ever
AC-3 out and dual sided
Dimensions (H, W, D): 6.25"/15.9cm, 17.0"/43.2 cm, 16.25"/41.3 cm
Weight: 40 lbs/18 kg
MSRP $3,995 for the basic transport model
MSRP $4,995 for the studio transport model
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Theta Digital Voyager

(They also made the very good Theta Digital Data III)
Laserdisc and DVD transport
AC-3 out and dual sided
MSRP $6 500
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McIntosh MLD7020

AC-3 out and dual sided
MSRP $3 200
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Pioneer HLD-X9

(Pioneer have many very good players, like their
Elite CLD-97 and Elite CLD-99)
AC-3 out and dual sided
MSRP --- (Only for Japan)
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There also exists some HI-Vision LD Players ("HD-LD"), based on
the 1125 line Hi-Vision system, players by Pioneer, Sony etc.
We will try to add all relevant players, if you think one is missing,
e-mail us with relevant info/links. (Must be a "absolute state of
the art" or true High End if you will, including AC-3/D.D. out)

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