Marantz Music Link Series (Discounted Products)
Music Link Series is a serie from Marantz. It was produced in the
beginning of the 90's, and sounded great, and still does (mini sized).
A selected set from this Series (Click Here For More, A Full version)

CD-23 CD-Player (1995)
Data: Color - Gold, Size 250mm-124mm-281mm, 6.3kg
Data: Color - Gold, Retail around $3000

SC-22 Pre-amplifier (1990)
Data: Color - Gold, Retail $1100

MA-24 Moneral amplifier (1990)
Data: Color - Gold, 2 x 30 watts pure class A, Retail $3000 pair

We have heard that Marantz's Ken Ishiwata used 12 MA-24 on a pair
of B&W Nautilus..?!? (Normally 8 mono or 4 stereo blocks for these,
one channal to each element, but you can have more than 8 mono amps
when briged e.g. on the woofers etc., up to 16)

More Marantz Music Link Pictures:
Homecinema World's webmaster had the MA-24 and SC-22 (They're very missed...):

Jeffrey Behr, sent us his picture of his several MA-24:

Today Marantz Have SC-9S1 Pre-Amp And MA-9S1
Mono Amp As Their Top Line Of Separate Components

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