A Little About Up-To-Date THX Ultra2 A/V Recievers (as of Jan. 2005)
All of course with all standard formats like DTS-ES, DD-EX, THX Ultra2, PLIIx...
We will try to add all, if one is missing e-mail us with info
(Must be a "up-to-date" THX Ultra2, including new PLIIx etc, and reference quality)

Denon AVCA1XV (AVR-5805) THX Ultra2 (New Jan. 05)

THX Ultra2 Certified
Dimensions (W x H x D) 434mm x 280mm x 505mm, Weight 44.0kg
MSRP $6000 as AVR-5805 in US
More Info Here
Visit Denon

Denon AVR-5803 THX Ultra2

(PLIIx on updated version, and hardware upgrade for first version)
MSRP $4400
Visit Denon

Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi THX Ultra2

MSRP $4500
Visit Pioneer

Yamaha RX-Z9 THX Ultra2

(May need hardware upgrade on first version/first sold units)
MSRP $4500
Visit Yamaha

We are checking out these Ultra2 models for PLIIx: Marantz SR-12S1,
Marantz SR-9300 / SR-9300V (Hardware upgrade should be available,
but..). Coming Summer 2005: Marantz SR-9600

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