Touch Screen LCD Remote Controls
(New/current of January 2005)
All here with PC conection possiblities.
(Ecept they under other/disconted).

Philips iPronto TSi6400 (US)/RU1000 (Europe)
MSRP $1700

Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 (US)/RU980 (Europe)
MSRP $1000

Philips Pronto NG TSU3000 (US)/RU950 (Europe)
MSRP $400

Philips ProntoNEO TSU500 (US)/RU930 (Europe)
MSRP $200

SBC-LI900 IR extension module
SBC-LI1000 IR extension module
NTX6400 IR extension module
RFX6000 IR extension module
Philips Pronto TS1000/TSU2000 (US)
TS1000/TSU2000 named RU890/RU940 in Europe
(These were also produced under the name
Marantz RC5000/RC5000i)
Philips ProntoPro TSU6000 (US)/RU970 (Europe)
Visit Philips

Marantz RC9500
MSRP $$1199

Marantz RC5400
MSRP $649

Marantz RC3200
MSRP $330

Other: Marantz IR-92 infared receiver,
Marantz RX-77 RF extender for RC9200/RC5200
Disconted: Marantz RC5000, Marantz RC5000i,
Marantz RC5200, Marantz RC9200 (MSRP $1249),
Visit Marantz

Sunwave Technology
Sunwave Technology SRC-3000
Optional SLC-2080 USB cable
MSRP $199

Sunwave Technology SRC-3810
Optional SLC-2080 USB cable
MSRP $249

Sunwave Technology SRC-9310
Optional SLC-2080 USB cable
MSRP $299

Disconted: Sunwave SRC-9200,
Sunwave SRC-2010,
Sunwave SRC-8000
Visit Sunwave

McIntosh UR12
MSRP $500

NAD HTR-5 (Discounted)
MSRP $500

Download/firmware links:
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Come back for more... (last updated 19 January 2005)
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