Batman Returns (1992) (updated 2010)
Directed by: Tim Burton, Written by: Daniel Waters, Sam Hamm

In this film Batman has to have the Penguin, a mutant who's intention is to be
acceptet into the Gotham Society. The Penguin forces the crooked businessman Max
Shreck into helping him become Mayor of Gotham City, and both want to bring down
Batman. They find a way to show Batman as a dark creature, and he has to fight
these rumours so the people of Gotham City can trust him once again. At the same
time he has to deal with the mysterious Catwoman, is she friend or enemy?

Christopher Walken, Danny DeVito, Michael Gough, Michael Keaton,
Michelle Pfeiffer, Pat Hingle, etc.

Disc info (DVD picture above to the right):
Widescreen and surround sound
Available on Blu-Ray High Definition disc

Cinema release: 19th of June 1992, DVD release: 29th of April 1997
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