Flubber (1997)
Directed by: Les Mayfield, Written by: John Hughes, Bill Walsh

Professor Brainard is a genius inventor, but he is also extremely absent-
minded. He works in his basement-lab with his flying robot assistand Weebo.
Brainard is actually so absent-minded that he forgets his own wedding, twice.
The third time he is close to remember it, but then he accidentally discovers
a goo that can make objects fly and jump like they were made of rubber. But
this little fellow comes in handy when Brainards nemesis is trying to get
Brainards fiancee, Sara.

Christopher McDonald, Marcia Gay Harden, Robin Williams, Ted Levine etc.

DVD info (Picture above to the right):
Best version has: Widescreen, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
Not yet available in DTS on DVD
(But Flubber exist on DTS LaserDisc)

Cinema release: 26th of November 1997, DVD release: 16th of June 1998
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