Godzilla (1998)
Directed by: Roland Emmerich, Written by: Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich

The nuclear fall from the French atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific,
creates an enormous creatur. It is spotted on itís way North, before it
ends up on Manhattan. Scientist Niko Tatopolous is called to investigate
the incident, and finds out that it is a giant lizard, and it is really
angry. The US military are not able to bring it down, and the creature
creates only more terror in New York. Can it be stopped?...

Matthew Broderick, Arabella Field, Hank Azaria, Jack Moore,
Jean Reno, Kevin Dunn, Maria Pitillo, etc.

DVD info (Picture above to the right):
Best version has: Widescreen, DTS surround (Superbit)

Cinema release: 20th of May 1998, DVD release: 3rd of November 1998)
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