Kingpin (1996)
Directed by: Bob Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, Written by: Barry Fanaro, Mort Nathan.

Roy Munson was once a bowling champion. But he got involved with the wrong guys
and lost his bowling hand. 17 years later he lives off selling bowling equipment.
One day a young Amish man comes in to the shop. He is a natural bowling-talent,
and Roy convinces him to come with him and use his talent to win money so he can
help save his family's farm. On the way they meet up with Roy's ols enemy, and
get involved in a battle to see who still got it on the bowling field...

Bill Murray, Chris Elliot, Randy Quaid, Richard Tyson, Woody Harrelson, etc.

DVD info (Picture above to the right):
Best version has: Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround
Not yet available in DTS on DVD.
(But Kingpin exist on DTS LaserDisc)

Cinema release: 26th of July 1996, DVD release: 18th of May 1999
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