Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)
Directed by: Darrell Rooney, Rob LaDuca Written by: Jonathan Cuba,
Filip Kobler

Simba now has a daughter, Keira, who is heir to the Pride Lands. While
in search for adventures, she meets the mischievous Kovu. He is a young
member of the banished Outland pride chosen to walk i Scar's footsteps.
Kiara and Kovu become friends, and find out that they may be the only hope
for healing the rift between their prides.

James Earl Jones, Jim Cummings, Matthew Brodereick, Moira Kelly,
Neve Campbell, Robert Guillaume, etc.

DVD info (Picture above to the right):
Best version has: 2-Disc, THX, Widescreen, DTS 5.1 surround

Cinema release: None, DVD release: 30th of November 1999
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