4400 (2004 -> ) (updated May 2005)
Created by: Scott Peters and René Echevarria
Debuted by: USA Network

Suddenly a passing comet abruptly changes course and hurtles towards Earth.
However, instead of crashing, it slows down. Then 4400 people emerge from a
blinding white light, people from different times and of different age who
have been presumed dead or missing - and they have not aged a day since they

Brookie Nevin, Chad Faust, Conchita Campbell, Jacqueline McKenzie,
Joel Gretsch, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Laura Allen, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali,
Michael Moriarty, Patrick Flueger, Peter Coyote, etc.

Season 1 - TV release: 11th of July 2004, DVD release: 21st of December 2004
Season 2 - TV release: 5th of June 2005, DVD release: None yet
Links (Official site, production sites, trailers etc):
4400, USA Network
USA Network

All 4400 episodes, season 1:
Season 1, episode 1, named: Pilot (2 hours long)
Season 1, episode 2, named: The New And Improved Carl Morrissey
Season 1, episode 3, named: Becoming
Season 1, episode 4, named: Trial By Fire
Season 1, episode 5, named: White Light

Season 2 coming 5th of June 2005

DVD info (Picture above):
Best version has: Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround

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