Kiss Of The Dragon (2001)
Directed by: Chris Nahon, Written by: Luc Besson,
Robert Mark Kamen

A Chinese police officer comes to Paris to help the French police to catch
a Chinese drug-dealer and his French connection, Richard. This connection
turns out to be head of the vice squad that Liu Jian, the that Liu Jian,
the chinese officer, is supposed to help catch the guy. If that wasn' enough,
Richard has planned to kill the drug-dealer and frame Jian. To get away from
this perdicament Jian turns to Jessica, one of Richards hookers, he promises
to help her get her daughter back if she helps him get Richard.

Jet Li, Bridget Fonda, Lurence Ashley, Max Ryab, Paul Barrett, Ric Young, etc.

Release/released: 6th of July 2001
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