Timeline (2003)
Directed by: Richard Donner, Written by: Jeff MAguire, George Nolfi

An archeology professor and his students are digging out a 14th century
castle in France. After the professor goes to the benefactors, ITC, to
solve some conflicts, but suddenly the students find his glasses in a dirt-
layer from det 14th century. They also discover a chamber that has been
uncovered for 600 years. Here they find more clues from their professor.
They then travel to ITC, and are to learn that they have opened a wormhole
that leads to 14th century France. The professor is trapped in the French-
English war, and the students have to go to get him back.

Paul Walker, Billy Connolly, Gerard Butler, Frances O'Connor, Matt Craven, etc.

Release/released: 26th of November 2003
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Timeline, Paramount

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