I, Robot (2004)
Directed by: Alex Proyas, Written by: Isaac Amisov (novel), Akiva Godsman,
Jeff Wintar

Detective Del Spooner is investigating the murder of dr. Lanning. Lanning
worked at U.S. Robotics, and a Robot named Sonny seems to be involved in
the crime. Spooner on his side do not like, or trust, robots. Since it seems
that Sonny has violated the Three Laws of Robotics, Spooner is sure to have
his suspect. But has he really got the right man? And antoher problem is
that if robots can breake the three laws, what can then stop them from
taking over the world?

Will Smith, Alan Tudyk, Bridget Moynahan, Fiona Hogan, James Cromwell, etc.

Release/released: 16th July 2004
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