After the Sunset (2004)
Directed by: Brett Ratner, Written by: Paul Zybszewski

To retires jewel thieves, Max and Lola, are retired and have moved to a
tropical paradise. But the FBI agent that has hunted them for years shows
up, determined to catch them in something. At the same time one of the worlds
biggest cruise ships arrives at the island, and it has one of the worlds
largest diamonds displayes on board. The FBI agent is convinced that this
is according to Max og Lolas plans. At the same time Max manages to get
involved with the place's mafiagang...

Pierce Brosnan, Don Cheadle, Naomie Harris, Salma Hayek,
Tony Ledard, Woody Harrelson, etc.

Release/released: 12th November 2004
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After the Sunset, New Line Cinema

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