The Incredibles (2004)
Directed by: Brad Bird, Written by: Brad Bird

Mr. Incredible is a famous superhero, at least he was. But some years ago
the people the superheroes had saved sued their saviours and the government
had to place all the superheroes under witness protection. Mr. Incredible
lives a silent life with his superhero-family and is working in an insurance
company. One day he gets the opportuniy to be a superhero again, but it is a
trap set by his nemesis. The whole family has to reveal their identity to save
Mr. Incredible.

Craig T. Nelson, Elizabeth Peņa, Holly Hunter, Maeve Andrews,
Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Fox, etc.

Release/released: 5th November 2004
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The Incredibles, Walt Disney, Pixar
Walt Disney Pictures, Inc.

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