A Little History
2005: New Sound Format Dolby Pro logic IIx
(A 7.1 system with stereo in back channals from stereo signal, 5.1 signal, etc.)

2002: 75 First Years With TV

2001: New Sound Format Dolby Pro logic II
(A 5.1 system with stereo in back channals from a stereo signal, etc.)

2000 June: New THX OPTIMODE for DVD

2000 April: First LaserDisc With Dolby Digital EX/THX Surround EX (6.1)
Was Star Wars Episode 1 On Japanice Laserdisc

2000: DTS Announces DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 Audio Standard

1999 September: New sound format: THX surround EX/Dolby Digital Surround EX
(5.1 extended whit center at rear)

1997: DVD (Digital Versatile Disc), Released In 1997, Store Capacities From 4.7GB
Up To 17.1GB (Dual Sided)

1997: DTS New High Resulution 5.1 Sound System

1995: Dolby AC-3 New 5.1 Sound System, Today Called Dolby Digital,

1978: LaserDisc Invented By MCA/Philips, Released In 1978, Before CD

1927: First TV

Products That Have Debuted At CES:
2008: OLED TV
2007: New convergence of content and technology
2006: An explosion of digital content services
2005: IP TV
2004: HD Radio
2003: HD Radio
2003: Blu-Ray DVD
2003: HDTV PVR
2002: Home Media Server
2001: Plasma TV
2001: Microsoft Xbox
2000: Digital Audio Radio (DAR)

1999: Hard-disc VCR (PVR)
1998: High Definition Television (HDTV)
1996: Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)
1994: Digital Satellite System
1993: Mini Disc
1993: Radio Data System
1991: Compact Disc - Interactive
1990: Digital Audio Technology

1981: Camcorder
1981: Compact Disc Player

1974: LaserDisc Player (LD)
1970: Videocassette Recorder (VCR)
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