All Released Dolby Digital Laserdiscs
Complete list of all Dolby Digital (AC-3) laserdiscs ever released, in USA on NTSC.
(Nothing to do with any private collections)

007: Goldeneye (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
007: Goldeneye (LD, WS, DD, THX)
007: Moonraker (LD, WS, DD, THX)
007: Spy Who Loved Me (LD, WS, DD, THX)
007: Thunderball (LD, WS, DD, THX)
007: Tomorrow Never Dies (LD, WS, DD)

10 Things I Hate About You (LD, WS, DD)
101 Dalmatians (LD, WS, DD, THX)
12 Monkeys (LD, WS, DD)
187 (LD, WS, DD)

2 Days In The Walley (LD, WS, DD)
2 Days In The Walley (LD, P&S, DD)
2001: A Space Odyssey (LD, WS, DD)
2010: The Year We Make Contact (LD, WS, DD)

4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

54 (LD, WS, DD)
55 Days At Peking (LD, WS, DD)

6th Man

Absolute Power (LD, WS, DD)
Abyss (LD, WS, DD, THX, 171 Min. Version)
Abyss (LD, P&S, DD, THX, 171 Min. Version)
Addicted To Love (LD, WS, DD)
Adventuras Of Pinocchio (LD, WS, DD)
Air Bud (LD, WS, DD)
Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver (LD, WS, DD)
Air Force One (LD, WS, DD)
Aladdin & The King Of Thieves (LD, P&S, DD)
Alamo (LD, WS, DD, 202 min. Version)
Alanis Morrissette: Jagged Little Pill Live (LD, P&S, DD)
Albino Alligator (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Alien (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Alien Ressurrection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Aliens (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Alive (LD, WS, DD)
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Almost Heroes (LD, WS, DD)
Altered States (LD, WS, DD)
Amadeus (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Amadeus - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
America: Live In Central Park (LD, P&S, DD)
American History X (LD, WS, DD)
American Pie (LD, WS, DD)
American Werewolf In Paris (LD, WS, DD)
Amistad (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Analyze This (LD, WS, DD)
Anastasia (LD, WS, DD, THX, 1997)
Anna Karenina (LD, WS, DD, 1997)
Antz (LD, WS, DD)
Apocalypse Now (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Apollo 13 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Armageddon (LD, WS, DD)
Armitage 3: Poly-Matrix (LD, WS, DD)
Arrival (LD, P&S, DD)
Arrival (LD, WS, DD)
Arrival Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD)
Associate (LD, WS, DD)
At First Sight (LD, WS, DD)
Austin Powers (LD, WS, DD)
Austin Powers: The spy Who Shagged Me (LD, WS, DD)
Avengers: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)

B.A.P.S. (LD, WS, DD)
Babe: Pig In The City (LD, WS, DD)
Badfinger (LD, P&S, DD)
BASEketball (LD, WS, DD)
Basic Instinct (LD, WS, DD)
Batman Forever (LD, WS, DD)
Batman & Robin (LD, WS, DD)
Beach Boys: An American Band (LD, WS, DD)
Bean: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Beauty And The Beast: Enchanted Christmas (LD, WS, DD)
Beavis And Butthead: Do America (LD, WS, DD - not marked with DD symbol)
Bee Gees: One Night Only: Live (LD, P&S, DD)
Beetlejuice (LD, WS, DD)
Beloved (LD, WS, DD)
Big Hit (LD, WS, DD)
Big Lebowski (LD, WS, DD)
Big One (LD, WS, DD)
Bio-Dome (LD, WS, DD)
Birdcage (LD, WS, DD)
Black Dog (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Black Sheep (LD, P&S, DD)
Black Sheep (LD, WS, DD)
Black Stallion Returns (LD, WS, DD)
Blade (LD, WS, DD)
Blast From the Past (LD, WS, DD)
Blown Away (LD, WS, DD)
Blues Brothers - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Blues Brothers 2000 - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Bone Collector (LD, WS, DD)
Boogie Nights (LD, WS, DD)
Boogie Nights - Criterion Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Borrowers (LD, WS, DD)
Bound (LD, WS, DD)
Bowfinger (LD, WS, DD)
Boxer - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Brainstorm (LD, WS, DD)
Braveheart (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Braveheart (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Breakdown (LD, WS, DD)
Bride of Chucky (LD, WS, DD)
Bridges of Madison County (LD, WS, DD)
Broken Arrow (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Bulworth (LD, WS, DD)
Butcher Boy (LD, WS, DD)

Camelot (LD, WS, DD)
Capricorn One (LD, WS, DD)
Carousel (LD, WS, DD)
Carrie (LD, WS, DD)
Cats (LD, WS, DD)
Cats Donít Dance (LD, WS, DD)
Celtic Pride (LD, WS, DD)
Chain Reaction (LD, WS, DD)
Chasing Amy (LD, WS, DD)
Cinderella: Rodgers & Hammersteinís (LD, DD)
Circus World (LD, WS, DD)
City Of Angels (LD, WS, DD)
Civil Action (LD, WS, DD)
Clear & Present Danger (LD, P&S, DD)
Clear & Present Danger (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Close Enconunters (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Color Purple (LD, WS, DD)
Con Air (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Congo (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Congo (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Conspiracy Theory (LD, WS, DD)
Contact (LD, WS, DD)
Cop Land (LD, WS, DD)
Corrupter (LD, WS, DD)
Courage Under Fire (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Crash (LD, WS, DD)
Crimson Tide (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Crossing Guard (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Crow (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Crow: City Of Angels (LD, WS, DD)
Crucible (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Cutthroat Island (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Cutthroat Island (LD, WS, DD, THX)

D 3: The Mighty Ducks (LD, WS, DD)
Dangerous Beauty (LD, WS, DD)
Danteís peak (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Danteís Peak - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Dark City (LD, WS, DD)
Day Of The Dolphin (LD, WS, DD)
Daylight (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Daylight - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Days Of Heaven (LD, WS, DD)
Dead Presidents (LD, WS, DD)
Dead Presidents - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD)
Deep Blue Sea (LD, WS, DD)
Deep In My Heart (LD, P&S, DD)
Deep Impact (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Deep Rising (LD, WS, DD)
Demons (LD, WS, DD)
Demons 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Desperate Measures (LD, WS, DD)
Devilís Rides Out (LD, WS, DD)
Devilís Advocate (LD, WS, DD)
Die Hard 1 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Die Hard 2 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Die Hard 3: With A Vengeance (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Dirty Harry (LD, WS, DD)
Disturbing Behavior (LD, WS, DD)
Doctor Dolittle (LD, WS, DD)
Doctor Zhivago (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Don Juan DeMarco (LD, WS, DD)
Doors: The Movie (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Doors: The Movie (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Doors: The Movie - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Dragonheart - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Drop Zone (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Drop Zone (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Dumb & Dumber (LD, WS, DD)
Dune (LD, WS, DD)

Eddie (LD, WS, DD)
Egde (LD, WS, DD)
Ed-Tv - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
El Cid (LD, WS, DD)
Elisabeth (LD, WS, DD)
Empire Records (LD, WS, DD)
End Of Days (LD, WS, DD)
Enemy Of The State (LD, WS, DD)
English Patient (LD, WS, DD, THX)
English Patient - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Enter The Dragon (LD, WS, DD)
Entrapment (LD, WS, DD)
Escape From L. A. (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Escape From L. A. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Event Horizon (LD, WS, DD)
Ever After: A Cinderella Story (LD, WS, DD)
Everest: IMAX (LD, P&S, DD)
Evil Dead (LD, P&S, DD)
Evil Dead - Spec. Ed. (LD, P&S, DD)
Evita (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Evita - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Excalibur (LD, WS, DD)
Executive Decision (LD, WS, DD)
Existenz (LD, WS, DD)
Exorcist - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD)
Eye For An Eye (LD, P&S, DD)
Eye For An Eye (LD, WS, DD)

Face Off (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Faculty (LD, WS, DD)
Fall Of The Roman Empire (LD, WS, DD)
Fallen (LD, WS, DD)
Fame (LD, WS, DD)
Family Thing (LD, WS, DD)
Father Of The Bride 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Fatherís Day (LD, WS, DD)
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (LD, WS, DD)
Fiddler On The Roof (LD, WS, DD)
Fifth Element (LD, WS, DD - not marked with the Dolby Digital symbol)
Fire Down Below (LD, WS, DD)
Firestorm (LD, WS, DD)
First Kid (LD, WS, DD)
First Wives Club (LD, P&S, DD)
First Wives Club (LD, WS, DD)
Flashdance (LD, WS, DD)
Fled (LD, WS, DD)
Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (LD, WS, DD)
Flirting With Disaster (LD, WS, DD)
Flubber (LD, WS, DD)
Fly (LD, WS, DD)
For Love And The Game (LD, WS, DD)
For Richer And Poorer - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
For Rosanna (LD, WS, DD)
Forces Of Nature (LD, WS, DD)
Forrest Gump (LD, P&S, DD)
Forrest Gump (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Free Willy 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Free Willy 3: The Rescue (LD, WS, DD)
Fried Green Tomatoes - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Frighteners - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
From Dusk Till Dawn (LD, WS, DD)
Full Monty (LD, WS, DD)

G. I. Jane (LD, WS, DD)
Game (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Game - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD)
Gattaca (LD, WS, DD)
George Of The Jungle (LD, WS, DD)
Get Shorty (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Ghost And The Darkness (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Ghost And The Darkness (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Gigi (LD, WS, DD)
Gingerbread Man (LD, WS, DD)
Glimmer Man (LD, WS, DD)
Godfather 1 (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Godfather 1 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Godfather 2 (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Godfather 2 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Godfather 3 (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Godfather 3 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Godfather Box Set (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Godzilla (LD, WS, DD)
Gone With The Wind (LD, WS, DD)
Good Will Hunting (LD, WS, DD)
Good, The Bad And The Ugly (LD, WS, DD)
Grease (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Great Expectatons (LD, WS, DD)
Great Train Robbery (LD, WS, DD)
Grosse Pointe Blank (LD, WS, DD)
Guys And Dolls (LD, WS, DD, THX)

Habitat (LD, WS, DD)
Halloween: H20 (LD, WS, DD)
Hard Rain (LD, WS, DD)
Harriet The Spy (LD, WS, DD)
Haunting (LD, WS, DD)
He Got Game (LD, WS, DD)
Heat (LD, WS, DD)
Heavenís Gate (LD, WS, DD)
Hello Dolly (LD, WS, DD)
Hercules (LD, WS, DD, CLV)
Hercules (LD, WS, DD, CAV)
Hi-Lo Country (LD, WS, DD)
Highlander 1 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Highlander 2 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Holy Man (LD, WS, DD)
Home Alone 3 (LD, WS, DD)
Home Fries (LD, WS, DD)
Homegrown (LD, WS, DD)
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (LD, DD)
Hoodlum (LD, WS, DD)
Hope Floats (LD, WS, DD)
Horse Whisperer (LD, WS, DD)
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (LD, WS, DD)
How To Be A Player (LD, WS, DD)
Hunchback Of Notre Dame (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Hunt For Red October (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Hush (LD, WS, DD)

I Know What You Did Last Summer (LD, WS, DD)
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (LD, WS, DD)
Idolmaker (LD, WS, DD)
In Dreams (LD, WS, DD)
In Love And War (LD, WS, DD)
In The Mouth Of Madness (LD, WS, DD)
Independence Day (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Independence Day - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Inspector Gadget (LD, WS, DD)
Instinct (LD, WS, DD)
Interview With The Wampire (LD, WS, DD)
Inventing The Abbotts (LD, WS, DD)
Iron Giant (LD, WS, DD)
Island Of Dr. Moreau (LD, WS, DD)
Itís My Party (LD, WS, DD)

Jack (LD, WS, DD)
Jack Ryan Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Jackal - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Jackie Brown (LD, WS, DD)
Jackie Chanís First Strike (LD, WS, DD)
Jacobís Ladder (LD, WS, DD)
Jade (LD, P&S, DD)
James And The Giant Peach (LD, WS, DD, THX, CLV)
James And The Giant Peach (LD, WS, DD, THX, CAV)
Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope Tour (LD, P&S, DD)
Jingle All The Way: Xmas (LD, WS, DD)
John Fogerty: Premonition (LD, WS, DD)
Joni Mitchell: Painting With Words And Music (LD, P&S, DD)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (LD, WS, DD)
Jude (LD, WS, DD)
Judge Dredd (LD, WS, DD)
Jungle 2 Jungle (LD, WS, DD)
Jurassic Park (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Jurassic Park: Lost World (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Just The Ticket (LD, WS, DD)

K.D. Lang: Live In Sydney (LD, P&S, DD)
Kansas City (LD, WS, DD)
Kazaam (LD, WS, DD)
Kenny Loggins: Alive (LD, P&S, DD)
Kid In King Arthurís Court (LD, WS, DD)
Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy (LD, WS, DD)
Kikiís In The Hall: Brain Candy (LD, WS, DD)
Kikiís Delivery Service (LD, P&S, DD)
Killing Jar (LD, WS, DD)
King And I (LD, WS, DD, 1956)
King And I - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX, 1956)
King And I (LD, WS, DD, 1999)
Kingpin (LD, WS, DD)
Kiss The Girls (LD, WS, DD)
Kissing A Fool (LD, WS, DD)
Knack: Live At Carnegie Hall (LD, P&S, DD)
Knock Off (LD, WS, DD)
Kull The Conqueror (LD, WS, DD)
Kundun (LD, WS, DD)

L. A. Confidential (LD, WS, DD)
Lady And The Tramp (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Lady And The Tramp (LD, WS, DD, THX, CLV)
Lady And The Tramp (LD, WS, DD, THX, CAV)
Lady In White (LD, WS, DD)
Larger Than Life (LD, WS, DD)
Last Man Standing (LD, WS, DD)
Last Of The Mohicans (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Leopard Son (LD, P&S, DD)
Les Miserables (LD, WS, DD, 1995)
Les Miserables (LD, WS, DD, 1998)
Lethal Weapon 4 (LD, WS, DD)
Liar Liar - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Life (LD, WS, DD)
Life Is Beautiful (LD, WS, DD)
Lion King (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Little Mermaid (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Little Mermaid - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Little Princess (LD, WS, DD)
Little Shop Of Horrors (LD, WS, DD)
Little Voice (LD, WS, DD)
Loganís Run (LD, WS, DD)
Long Kiss Goodnight (LD, WS, DD)
Lord Of Illusions (LD, WS, DD)
Lost Boys (LD, WS, DD)
Lost In Space - The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Love Jones (LD, WS, DD)

Mad City (LD, WS, DD)
Madness Of King George (LD, WS, DD)
Mafia (LD, WS, DD)
Major League 3: Back To The Minors (LD, WS, DD)
Man In The Iron Mask (LD, WS, DD)
Man Who Knew Too Little (LD, WS, DD)
Mars Attacks (LD, WS, DD)
Mary Poppins (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Mask (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Mask - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Matrix (LD, WS, DD)
Meet Joe Black (LD, WS, DD)
Meet The Deedles (LD, WS, DD)
Memphis Belle (LD, WS, DD)
Men In Black (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Mercury Rising (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Message In A Bottle (LD, WS, DD)
Metro (LD, WS, DD)
Michael (LD, WS, DD)
Michael Collins (LD, WS, DD)
Microcosmos (LD, WS, DD)
Midninght In The Garden Of Good And Evil (LD, WS, DD)
Mighty Joe Young (LD, WS, DD)
Mimic (LD, WS, DD)
Mission Impossible (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Mission Impossible (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Mississippi Burning (LD, WS, DD)
Mister Roberts (LD, WS, DD)
Mod Squad: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Moll Flanders: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Money Talks (LD, WS, DD)
Moodtapes: Pacific Surf (LD, P&S, DD)
Moonstruck (LD, WS, DD)
Mortal Kombat: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (LD, WS, DD)
Most Wanted (LD, WS, DD)
Mouse Hunt (LD, WS, DD)
Mr. Hollandís Opus (LD, WS, DD)
Mr. Magoo (LD, WS, DD)
Mulholland Falls (LD, WS, DD)
Mummy - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Muppet Treasure Island (LD, WS, DD)
Murder at 1600 (LD, WS, DD)
Music For Montserrat Live (LD, P&S, DD)
Music Man (LD, WS, DD)
My Best Friendís Wedding (LD, WS, DD)
My Fair Lady (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
My Fair Lady (LD, WS, DD, THX)
My Family (LD, WS, DD)
My Favorite Martian: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
My Fellow Americans (LD, WS, DD)
My Giant (LD, WS, DD)

Natural Born Killers (LD, WS, DD)
Negotiator (LD, WS, DD)
Newton Boys (LD, WS, DD)
Nick Of Time (LD, P&S, DD)
Nick Of Time (LD, WS, DD)
Nightmare Before Christmas: Xmas (LD, WS, DD)
Nixon (LD, WS, DD)
Nothing To Lose (LD, WS, DD)
Notting Hill (LD, WS, DD)

October Sky (LD, WS, DD)
One Night Stand (LD, WS, DD)
One True Thing (LD, WS, DD)
Operation Condor (LD, WS, DD)
Oscar And Lucinda (LD, WS, DD)
Other Sister (LD, WS, DD)
Out of Sight - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Out To Sea (LD, WS, DD)
Outbreak (LD, WS, DD)
Outlaw Josey Wales (LD, WS, DD)

Palmetto (LD, WS, DD)
Paradise Road (LD, WS, DD)
Parent Trap (LD, WS, DD)
Paris Concert For Amnesty International (LD, P&S, DD)
Passenger 57 (LD, WS, DD)
Patch Adams - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD)
Patriot Games (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Patton (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Paulie (LD, WS, DD)
Payback (LD, WS, DD)
Peacemaker (LD, WS, DD)
Pecker (LD, WS, DD)
Perfect Murder (LD, WS, DD)
Phantom (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Phantom (LD, P&S, DD)
Phantoms (LD, WS, DD)
Phenomena (LD, WS, DD)
Pehnomenon (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Photographing Fairies (LD, WS, DD)
Picutre Perfect (LD, WS, DD)
Planet Of The Apes (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Player (LD, WS, DD)
Playing God (LD, WS, DD)
Pleasantville (LD, WS, DD)
Pocahontas (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Pocahontas - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Poltergeist 1 (LD, WS, DD)
Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (LD, WS, DD)
Poohís Grand Adventure: Search For Cristopher Robin (LD, P&S, DD)
Postman (LD, WS, DD)
Powder (LD, WS, DD)
Practical Magic (LD, WS, DD)
Preacherís Wife (LD, WS, DD)
Prefontaine (LD, WS, DD)
Primary Colors (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Prince Of Egypt (LD, WS, DD)
Private Parts (LD, WS, DD)
Pulp Fiction (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Pure Country (LD, WS, DD)

Quatermass And The Pit (LD, WS, DD)
Queen: We Will Rock You (LD, P&S, DD)
Quest For Camelot (LD, WS, DD)

R.E.M.: Road Movie (LD, P&S, DD)
Rage: Carrie 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Rain Man (LD, WS, DD)
Rainmaker (LD, WS, DD)
Ransom (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Red Corner (LD, WS, DD)
Relic (LD, WS, DD)
Replacement Killers (LD, WS, DD)
Return To Paradise (LD, WS, DD)
Richard III (LD, WS, DD)
Rob Roy (LD, WS, DD)
Rob Roy (LD, P&S, DD)
Rock (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Rock: Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Rocketman (LD, WS, DD)
Rocky 1 (LD, WS, DD)
Rolling Stones: Live At The Max: IMAX (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Romeo + Juliet (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Romeo And Micheleís High School Reunion (LD, WS, DD)
Ronin (LD, WS, DD)
Rosewood (LD, WS, DD)
Rounders (LD, WS, DD)
Rush Hour (LD, WS, DD)
Rushmore (LD, WS, DD)

Sabrina (LD, WS, DD)
Sabrina (LD, P&S, DD)
Saint (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Santa Clause: Xmas (LD, WS, DD)
Saving Private Ryan (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Scarlett Letter (LD, WS, DD)
Scream (LD, WS, DD)
Scream 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Selena (LD, WS, DD)
Senseless (LD, WS, DD)
Seven (LD, WS, DD)
Seven - Criterion (LD, WS, DD)
Seven Bridges For 7 Brothers (LD, WS, DD)
Seven Years In Tibet (LD, WS, DD)
Shakespeare In Love (LD, WS, DD)
Sheís All That (LD, WS, DD)
Shine (LD, WS, DD)
Showgirls (LD, WS, DD)
Siege (LD, WS, DD)
Singiní In The Rain (LD, WS, DD)
Six Days And Seven Nights (LD, WS, DD)
Sixth Man (LD, WS, DD)
Sleepers (LD, WS, DD)
Sleeping Beauty (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Sleeping Beauty - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Small Soldiers (LD, WS, DD)
Smoke Signals (LD, WS, DD)
Snake Eyes (LD, WS, DD)
Soldier (LD, WS, DD)
Soul Food (LD, WS, DD)
Sound Of Music (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Sound Of Music (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Sour Grapes (LD, WS, DD)
Space Jam (LD, WS, DD)
Spawn: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Species (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Species (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Species 2 (LD, WS, DD)
Speed (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Speed 2: Cruise Control (LD, WS, DD)
Sphere (LD, WS, DD)
Spy Hard (LD, WS, DD)
Star Is Born (LD, WS, DD)
Star Trek: Generations (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Star Trek: Generations (LD, P&S, DD)
Star Trek: First Contact (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Star Trek: First Contact (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Star Trek: Insurrection (LD, WS, DD)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Stargate (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Stargate (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Stargate - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Starship Troopers (LD, WS, DD)
Strange Days (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Substitute (LD, WS, DD)
Substitute (LD, P&S, DD)
Suburbia (LD, WS, DD)
Super Speedway: IMAX (LD, P&S, DD)
Supercop (LD, WS, DD)

Tarzan And The Lost City (LD, WS, DD)
Ten Commandments (LD, WS, DD)
Tenchi Muyo In Love (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Tenchi Muyo In Love: The Movie (LD, P&S, DD, THX, CLV)
Tenchi Muyo In Love: The Movie (LD, P&S, DD, THX, CAV)
Tenebre (LD, WS, DD)
Terminator 2 (LD, WS, DD, THX)
That Darn Cat (LD, WS, DD)
That Thing You Do (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Thatís Entertainment: Ultimate Musical Treasury (LD, WS, DD)
Thelma And Louise (LD, WS, DD)
Thereís Something About Mary (LD, WS, DD)
Thin Red Line (LD, WS, DD)
Things To Do In Denver Ehen Youíre Dead (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Thinner (LD, WS, DD)
Thousand Acres (LD, WS, DD)
Three Wishes (LD, WS, DD)
Tina Turner: Live In Amsterdam (LD, P&S, DD)
Titanic (LD, P&S, DD)
Titanic (LD, WS, DD)
Titanica: IMAX (LD, P&S, DD)
Tom And Huck (LD, WS, DD)
Top Gun (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Top Gun (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Toy Story (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Toy Story - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Trainspotting (LD, WS, DD)
Trial And Error (LD, WS, DD)
Trigger Happy (LD, WS, DD)
True Crime (LD, WS, DD)
True Lies (LD, WS, DD, THX)
True Lies (LD, P&S, DD, THX)
Truman Show (LD, WS, DD)
Trubes Video (LD, P&S, DD)
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (LD, WS, DD)
Turbulence (LD, WS, DD)
Turbulence (LD, P&S, DD)
Twin Dragons (LD, P&S, DD)
Twister (LD, WS, DD, THX, CLV)
Twister (LD, WS, DD, THX, CAV)
Two Lane Blacktop (LD, WS, DD)

U.S. Marshals (LD, WS, DD)
U2: Rattle And Hum (LD, P&S, DD)
Uncle Sam (LD, WS, DD)
Unforgettable (LD, WS, DD)
Universal Soldier (LD, WS, DD)
Unstrung Heroes (LD, WS, DD)
Untouchables (LD, WS, DD)
Urban Cowboy (LD, WS, DD)

Vampire In Brooklyn (LD, WS, DD)
Vegas Vacation (LD, WS, DD)
Vertigo - Signature Collection (LD, WS, DD, THX)
Very Bad Things (LD, WS, DD)
Very Brady Sequel (LD, WS, DD)
Very Brady Sequel (LD, P&S, DD)
Victor/Victoria (LD, WS, DD)
Video Essentials (LD, P&S, DD)
Virtuosity (LD, WS, DD)
Virtuosity (LD, P&S, DD)
Virus (LD, WS, DD)
Volcano (LD, WS, DD, THX)

Wag The Dog (LD, WS, DD)
Waiting To Exhale (LD, WS, DD)
War At Home (LD, WS, DD)
Warriors At Virtue (LD, WS, DD)
Waterboy (LD, WS, DD)
Wedding Singer (LD, WS, DD)
Welcome To Sarajevo (LD, WS, DD)
West Side Story (LD, WS, DD)
What Dreams May Come (LD, WS, DD)
White Squall (LD, WS, DD)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (LD, WS, DD)
Why Do Fools Fall In Love (LD, WS, DD)
Wild America (LD, WS, DD)
Wild Bill (LD, WS, DD)
Wild Bunch (LD, WS, DD)
Wild Bunch - Spec. Ed. (LD, WS, DD)
Wild Things (LD, WS, DD)
Wild Wild West (LD, WS, DD)
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (LD, WS, DD)
Wings Of The Dove (LD, WS, DD)
Wishmaster (LD, WS, DD)
Without Limits (LD, P&S, DD)
Wrongfully Accused (LD, WS, DD)

X-Files: The Movie (LD, WS, DD)

Yellow Submarine (LD, WS, DD)
Youíve Got Mail (LD, WS, DD)

Zero Effect (LD, WS, DD)
Zombie (LD, WS, DD)

Written by Kjellingzģ in 1999 for his homecinema related homepage, now
incorporated in Homecinema World at Copyright

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