Why Widescreen?
Do you still have 4:3 "standard" TV and buy full screen DVDs?
And do you ask yourself why widescreen?

A Widescreen VS. Pan & Scan Look
P&S have the sides cut out, up to 50% of the picture is missing
(Pictures taken from Movgammus - VulCaino World series
filmed/made in widescreen 16:9 HD, free downloadable from our download site).
Watch Movgammus - VulCaino World teaser now here
Details And More About Movgammus - VulCaino World

This applies of course also to almost all movies made for the big screen.
DVD (and the earlier LaserDisc 12" format) have widescreen as standard
on most movies and new TV series.
The human vision are more wide than high, just like widescreen, more real.

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