To Calibrate Your System

Picture of a Digital Video Essentials test DVD (5.1 EX/6.1 version).
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To calibrate your system is very important, not to calibrate
is the same as buying a system to 1/10 of what you have spent
When calibrated right, your system makes a wisper a wisper
and an explotion an explotion.

You need a sound level meter, for example Radio Shaek Sound
Level Meter. And to calibrate right from the source you
need a test disc, for example Digitla Video Essentials.
(Test "discs" exists on LaserDisc, DVD and D-VHS High Definition)
With such discs you will be given the information on how to do it.
These discs also includes test signals for calibration of picture
quality, a blue filter is a must (on picture above to right).

The Reference level is 0dB on your pre-amp. With 0dB as
reference level you adjust each speaker to 75dB using a test
disc and a dB metre.

Picture of a Radio Shaek sound level meter.
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Other ways
Most of THX sertified DVD's have THX Optimode, which let you
calibrate each movie individually.

Some receivers like Denon AVR-3805 have auto calibration
with a microphone placed in listening position. Some, like
the AVR-3805, also have auto room EQ correction

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