( DTS - Digital Theatre System )

DTS is for theatre/cinema and home use. Known to be the prefered
sound format for high quality homecinema systems around the world,
because of it's sound and the technically specifications, with up to
96khz/24bit resolution (Dolby Digital is 16bit, like a standard CD,
but with more channels) and DTS-ES is the only digital audio format
capable of delivering true 6.1 channels of discrete audio in the
consumer electronics market. You may not hear the difference between
sound formats in a "cheap" system, but e.g. in any full THX system
(includes sertified dvd player, amps, speakers, cables etc) or any
other quality systems, you should easily hear it.

DTS-HD, is the latest consumer DTS format. Approved for Blu-ray Disc
(BD) and High Definition DVD (HD-DVD). One single DTS-HD datastream
on a disc can carry everything from standard DTS 5.1 playable on all
existing 280 million plus DTS decoders, all the way to lossless for next
generation systems. Downmix to 5.1- or two-channel possibilities.

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